Article Three: Braces, Toothbrushes, and You

brushing bracesEverything gets stuck in braces. Gum, lunch, the toothpick you used to try to fish out the lunch. Because of the problems that braces cause, it’s incredibly important to use a good toothbrush. But which toothbrush is best for someone with braces?

A study compared forty-six brace wearers using different toothbrushes to find the answer to exactly that question. The participants brushed their teeth with the provided brush and their teeth were then imaged daily on a computer to find which toothbrush worked best.

The most inferior of the toothbrushes was the regular one. It was found to be significantly worse than the others.

The best toothbrush was found to be the electric. The electric toothbrush reduced plaque by impressively better amounts than the regular toothbrush. The study doesn’t go into why this might have been. It could be that those using the electric toothbrush found it easier and more self explanatory than the manual. It brushed their teeth correctly without requiring them to sort it out for themselves.

Electric toothbrushes are expensive, however, and the study did find another option. Specially designed orthodontic brushes were also far superior to normal brushes. They did a much better job at removing plaque, probably because they were designed to work with the braces.

Any sort of teeth care is tough with braces because the metal wires need to be gotten around and cleaned out. Not cleaning braces properly can lead to massive problems as trapped food gets held against the teeth and causes tooth decay.

Brushing your teeth yourself is tough with braces, but necessary. The study very much recommends using the electric toothbrush to make an already difficult prospect a bit easier.

The study also notes that no adverse effects were noted with the electric toothbrush, so if you’re worried about electrocuting yourself when you apply an electric toothbrush to your metal braces, you can stop worrying! It hasn’t been a problem so far.

It’s important to talk to your dentist about care of your braces, and to keep in mind how important it is to keep up with tooth care while wearing the braces. It’s easy to neglect tooth brushing, but it can have long term impact on the health of your teeth. Tooth decay is a serious problem in children and young adults, and should not be ignored.

In conclusion, if you’ve already spent the huge sum it takes to get braces, you’ll probably want to spring for the expensive toothbrush as well. You don’t want to end up with pretty, straight teeth that are decaying because of inadequate brushing technique. Study up on how to keep braces clean and always talk to your dentist about proper brushing and flossing methods. Don’t neglect your teeth. You may need them at some future point, and it would be an awful shame to suffer a lifetime of tooth problems because of a rash decision made while wearing braces.

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Disturbing Headache in the Morning

disturbing headacheThere is nothing more stressful than waking up in the morning with a severe headache. You have just woken up and things don’t seem like they are going smoothly for you. The situation becomes worse especially if you do not know where to start. This is an area of study that has been in existence for over a century now. However, the factors that come into play have not fully been established. Recent reports have however showed a marked development on the matter and there seems to be solutions coming out of such efforts. Stark and Stark from the Neurology Department of the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia assert that sleep and headache have a multifaceted relationship ( Their focus was mainly on how obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), snoring and headache relate.

Health scientists agree that there is a connection between headaches and sleeping disorders. Most people who have morning headaches have sleeping disorders. Therefore, it is one of the ways to deal with such complications. Anyone with a sleeping disorder is most likely to get a headache in the morning than any person without such. In most headache conditions, almost over 50% of such cases have something to do with chronic sleep disorders. With a continued increase of disorders, headaches continue to frequent and the severity increases as well. Therefore, one of the first remedies to do is having a restful sleep. This is a huge development towards the improvement of such a situation.

Important Facts about Migraines

Most of the migraines take place in the morning, between 4 Am and 9 Am. The waking pattern associated with headache often indicates that the headache is being provoked by sleep problems. This is usually known as “awakening headache”. This could be as a result of a tension, migraine or some other kind of headache. The main characteristics are the tendency and headache timing during or immediately after sleep.

If you have often woken up in the morning with a headache, then you need to make an assessment of your sleeping habits as a possible cause. In most cases, the headache trigger has been linked with sleep. Any kind of sleep disorder can cause headache. Insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea have been ranked as the main and common causes of morning headaches. Other common causes could be excessive daytime sleepiness, restlessness and the unusual jaw clenching sleep behavior. “Body clock” conditions, sleep walking and narcolepsy can also be connected to morning headaches.

It is evident that sleep orders are a common cause of headache in the morning. However, patients should seek the services of a headache specialist. This is especially if the headache pattern is found to change. Other scenarios that could prompt the need to see a certified doctor could be during a prolonged headache situation, in a case where it is the first ever headache condition or when the frequency of headaches is too high. Human health is too important to be gambled with. Therefore, the treatment for headaches should strictly follow due procedures for effective results. Also, try adding some branched chain amino acids to your diet.